About Me

I primarily work on data engineering infrastructure, machine learning research and engineering, and natural language processing. I was session chair of the neural networks track at the 35th iteration of IEA AIE 2022, and I have published papers in NLP, computer vision and multimodal learning.

In the past, I worked in the data engineering team at AirAsia Superapp, built the foundational tech for the Malaysian OOH-tech startup Rodeo, grew a Google Developer Community on Campus and did an Erasmus exchange semester at Politecnico di Torino in Northern Italy. I have an academic background in both computer science and engineering mathematics, in due part to my time at one of the top technical institutions in Europe, where I studied advanced computational intelligence, human computer interaction and mathematical analysis.

I am passionate about hackathon hacking, open-source development and making engineering systems leaner and easier to provision.